45 ACP - 155 Grain RHT Frangible - Speer Lawman - 50 Rounds vs 45 ACP - 200 Grain SWC - Black Hills - 20 Rounds

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Rifle Ammo 45 ACP - 155 Grain RHT Frangible - Speer Lawman - 50 Rounds 45 ACP - 200 Grain SWC - Black Hills - 20 Rounds
Hockey Review Rating Not Rated
Hockey Review Rating Not Rated
Manufacturer Speer Black Hills Ammunition
Condition New New
Caliber .45 ACP (Auto) .45 ACP (Auto)
Manufacturer SKU 53395 D45N120
UPC Barcode 076683533951 612710128624
Brand Speer Black Hills Ammunition
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Rifle Ammos Descriptions

45 ACP - 155 Grain RHT Frangible - Speer Lawman - 50 Rounds

Even the most cautious shooter is subject to certain dangers when they train. Shooting at steel targets and against hard backdrops presents a real risk of splash-back, where copper and lead fragments ricochet back to do serious damage. Splash-back is also a common problem at indoor ranges, where poor ventilation may also cause toxic lead to linger in a carcinogenic haze! But Speer’s Lawman line of ammunition works to make all those risks moot. This 45 ACP cartridge features Speer’s 155 grain Reduced Hazard Training projectile. The frangible bullet is comprised of 100 percent compressed copper particles, which are hardened but not fused together in a process called sintering. The RHT accordingly stays intact as it feeds and fires, but crushes itself into powder when it slaps a steel target or other hard surface. And in conjunction with this round’s heavy metal free Clean-Fire primer, the RHT poses no threat of producing airborne lead that could have accumulated indoors. This round’s lightweight bullet grants it a fast muzzle velocity, although you will find Speer’s training ammo reliably mimics many other conventional self-defense loads. Speer gives their RHT a distinctive pattern on its tip for easy identification, and complements it with a new brass case and clean burning propellant for superior functionality in a semi-auto.

45 ACP - 200 Grain SWC - Black Hills - 20 Rounds

The 45 ACP was developed in 1904 and featured on the timeless M1911 Colt semi-automatic pistol. Since then the 45 ACP has become one of the most influential and loved rounds in the nation. With its incredible stopping power and wonderful reliability, the 45 ACP is just what you need for target shooting and self defense applications. Black Hills makes some of the most accurate ammunition in America. Selling match grade ammo to the United States Military for their long range shooting competitions, Black Hills is just the manufacturer you want to buy from. Headquartered in Rapid City, South Dakota, all of BHA's products are loaded in the USA. These 200 grain semi-wadcutter rounds are a great choice for high quality range training and target shooting. The semi-wadcutters cut clean round holes in paper targets for easy scoring in shooting competitions. Each bullet is loaded into a factory new brass casing that is boxer primed and re-loadable. Pick up some of this incredibly accurate and effective ammo today!