40 S&W - 155 Grain JHP - Remington HTP - 20 Rounds vs 45 ACP - 230 Grain TMJ - Speer LAWMAN - 50 Rounds

Put rifle ammos head to head to compare caliber and more.

Rifle Ammo 40 S&W - 155 Grain JHP - Remington HTP - 20 Rounds 45 ACP - 230 Grain TMJ - Speer LAWMAN - 50 Rounds
Hockey Review Rating Not Rated
Hockey Review Rating Not Rated
Manufacturer Remington Speer
Condition New New
Caliber .40 S&W (Smith & Wesson) .45 ACP (Auto)
Manufacturer SKU RTP40SW1A 53658
UPC Barcode 047700496801 076683536587
Brand Remington Speer
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MSRP $19.00 $36.00
Used Price $13.30 $25.20
Sale Price $17.10 $32.40

Rifle Ammos Descriptions

40 S&W - 155 Grain JHP - Remington HTP - 20 Rounds

HTP: High Terminal Performance. This is the 40 S&W ammo you count on to save the day regardless of which handgun you own (provided it is chambered for 40 S&W, of course). This cartridge is outfitted with the 40 S&W’s middleweight 155 grain bullet. Primed to a muzzle velocity of 1,205 fps out of a pistol barrel, it delivers good accuracy as it’s able to stay supersonic past 25 yards. At very close range the bullet transfers nearly 500 ft lbs of energy to its target – which is overwhelming – but even at 100 yards it exceeds the minimum energy threshold commonly advised for self-defense. The HTP JHP is designed to deliver up to double diameter expansion. In short, this is a round capable of punching a 4/5” wide hole into its target. Remington loads their HTP rounds with first-quality brass cases to avert any feeding or extraction issues. Big Green also loads this ammo with their dependable and non-corrosive Kleanbore primers, as well as low-fouling powder to preserve accuracy and functionality of the handgun.

45 ACP - 230 Grain TMJ - Speer LAWMAN - 50 Rounds

Speer® brought sport shooters and law enforcement the excellence of Lawman over 35 years ago. Back in 1968, the line included various calibers of centerfire handgun ammunition, and quickly earned a reputation as a high-performance and reliable product. Lawman is attractively priced, and the cases are reloadable with clean-burning propellants and reliable CCI primers to complete the package. Total metal jacket (TMJ) is different from full metal jacket (FMJ) due to TMJ bullets having no exposed lead bases, this makes TMJ bullets better suited for firing in indoor ranges since there will be fewer lead particulates floating in the air after firing .